Solar Charger

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This solar charger is able to charge a wide range of gadgets including iPod, iPhone, tablets and smartphones. As long as your device has a USB connection cable our system will be fully compatible and you will not run out of energy. Built in polymer li-ion battery ,our charger can store energy when you are not using it, our charger is able to be fully charged in around 13 hours or faster. You can also charge it by USB cable.
How to use:
Please charge the built in battery fully before using solar charger for the first time. Let it charge for at least 12 hours.
Stick your charger to any window by peeling off the protective firm and affixing it firmly.
Plug the USB end of your device charging cable into the charger.
The adhesive part of the charger can be reinforced by applying little moisture to the surface where the charger will be affixed.
You can refill your charger via the included micro USB or leave in the sun for around 13 hours.

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Product Description


Internal 2600mah Battery= 5V/1A.
Average Internal Battery Charge Time: 10-15 Hours in DIRECT Sunlight.
Average Device Charge Times when Solar Battery is fully charged: 2-3 hours.


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