Smartphone LED Lens Kit

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The world of taking professional photos on your cell phone just became simplified with this LED LENS KIT.

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Product Description


Package Contents
1 x Tripod – For stability
1 x Macro – For close shots with increased magnification.
2 x Lens Caps – Accessory
1 x Micro Cable – Accessory
1 x Wide Angle – Capture more with added field – Of – View ( Fits together with macro lens)
1 x Selfie Stick – For angle management
2 x Universal Clips – For easy attachment
1 x Led Fill Light – Three fill light mode with special effects to satisfy the requirements in different scenarios
1 x Fish Eye – Capture ultra wide angle photos up to 198 degrees
1 x Carry Pouch – Travel carry bag
1 x Remote Shutter – Allows you to remote control your phones shutter easily


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